Web Design - City Law Solicitors Case study

PD Case Study 2

City Law Solicitor : A Successful Case Study

City Law Solicitor is a reputable law firm specializing in Property, Will and Estate, Administration of Estates, Family law, and Enduring Power of Attorney. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on client satisfaction, the firm sought to enhance its online presence through a professionally designed and user-friendly website.

We will continuously push boundaries, embrace technology, and deliver exceptional service, empowering our clients to navigate the complex legal landscape with ease and confidence.


The firm approached Perfect Digitals for creating a new website the following objectives:

    1. Thematic Alignment: Make sure the website reflects the legal services’ central theme to have an identifiable online presence for your company.
    2. Mobile and Desktop Responsive: Make the website equally accessible and engaging for users across various devices.
    3. Improve Website Design: The comprehensive website designed by Perfect Digitals successfully transformed City Law Solicitor’s online presence.
    4. Interactive Elements: Incorporated interactive elements such as contact forms and call-to-action buttons to encourage user engagement.


Perfect Digitals meticulously crafted a tailored Web design strategy that perfectly aligned with The city law Solicitor. The pivotal steps undertaken during this fruitful collaboration were as follows:

1. Website Design:
    1. Created the website with a contemporary design, aligning with City Law Solicitor’s brand identity.
    2. Seamlessly incorporated City Law Solicitor’s branding elements for an online identity.
2. User-Friendly Experience:

Incorporated interactive elements such as contact forms and call-to-action buttons to encourage user engagement among other implementations

3. Mobile and Desktop Optimization:

Implemented a modern, mobile-friendly design for a seamless user experience on all devices as a majority of website traffic is now driven from mobile devices.


The collaborative efforts between City Law Solicitor and Perfect Digitals resulted in:

  1. Renewed Online Presence: The newly designed website conveyed professionalism and credibility , contributing to an increase in online visibility.
  2. Optimized Accessibility: The website’s responsiveness contributed to an increase in mobile traffic, ensuring accessibility across devices.

Perfect Digitals crafted an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website design for city law solicitors.The revamped website now serves as a powerful website for City Law Solicitors to showcase its expertise, connect with potential clients, and stay ahead in the competitive legal landscape.