Knowledgebase Documentation #3

Perfect Digitals designs and implements knowledge bases, knowledge articles, and SOPs for support organizations and end users.

When is it time for a knowledge base?

A knowledge base enables your end users to help themselves. It is a place where up-to-date information, resources, troubleshooting tips, and answers to questions on your products lives. How do you know if a knowledge base is right for your organization?

It may be the right time to take the leap from FAQ list to a knowledge base if:

  • You have outgrown a simple FAQ list; questions have become too complex.
  • The number of FAQs is too long for your customers and support staff to efficiently find what they need.
  • Customer support costs are too high.
  • Customer support tickets are staying open too long.
  • Answers are getting – or needing to be – more nuanced or in-depth.
  • There are multiple ways to achieve certain tasks.

Knowledge Base Features

An effective knowledge base has these key features:

  • Searchability
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Single-topic articles
  • Understandable articles, written for the target audience
  • Data: provides statistics such as the content users search for
  • Scalability: new articles easily can be added as issues or common questions arise
  • Empowerment: users internal and external to the organization can help themselves